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Wifi Article

Confusing Wifi signal with Internet signal quality. 

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Be it for business or pleasure a reliable internet connection has become a necessity for most of us. We get many customers who confuse their incoming internet signal quality with the wireless signal from their router. Lots of products can be controlled with apps that require a connection to the internal wireless network, that is the signal connection to the router which is usually indicated as signal bars on your device (phone, tablet).

Signal bars on phone

Your internet comes into the house via a cable directly to a modem or an integrated router. The router has wired connections at the rear to connect a device like a PC or set top box directly. For most applications though a wireless signal is required and you login to a router by using the supplied password. Some devices use a system called WPS (wifi protected setup) that enable devices to connect without having to enter passwords.

To check the actual speed of your internet connection go to www.speedtest.net and run a test. This will confirm the upload and download speeds to your router.  If you get a poor wifi connection to your router from your device then the wifi signal is weak as indicated by the signal bars on your device.

Speedtest screenshot

There are several ways to extend the signal.

One is to add a wifi repeater that boosts the coverage.

Wifi Repeater 

Wifi repeater schematic

A wireless access point connects to the router via an Ethernet cable and extends the wifi to another part of the premises where the signal is re-broadcasted.

Wireless Access Point

Wireless access point schematic

You can use a Ethernet over power adaptor to connect devices directly with an ethernet cable...

Ethernet over Power

Ethernet over power schematic


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