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What's 700MHz Clearance Retune

What is 700Mhz clearance and will it affect me.?

In November 2014 Ofcom announced its decision to reallocate some of the airwaves used by Freeview to mobile services. A similar process is being carried out across Europe, as spectrum is reassigned to meet a predicted increase in demand for mobile data. As a result, some Freeview channels will need to move to new frequencies. This process is known as 700MHz clearance.

As part of 700MHz clearance, Ofcom states that in the UK:

  • 14-20m homes will need to retune their TV equipment
  • 100,000 -160,000 homes may need to replace their aerial
  • 40,000 - 110,000 may need to have their aerial realigned


Q3 2018 18 July 2018 Local North Kent and Sussex Changes

Bluebell Hill – main station and some relay stations

Hastings – Hastings Old Town relay only

Heathfield – main station and some relay stations

Tunbridge Wells – main station and some relay stations

Whitehawk Hill – Patcham relay only






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