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Triax Zone 1 Sky Dish Assembly Guide

Triax Zone 1 Sky Dish Assembly Guide


1 x Dish Reflector
1 x Antenna Bracket
1 x Wall mount Bracket
1 x Fixing Kit


1. Remove the pre-assembled antenna bracket from the packaging, pull down the feed leg until the locking feature clicks positively into place.

2. After determining the correct side appropriate for the installation rotate the swing arm through 90°. Secure into position by passing a second M6 x 16mm carriage nut and bolt through the rotation bracket and swing arm from whichever side is most convenient. These bolts must be only finger tight and will be fully secured during final alignment.

3. Fit a M6 x 16mm nut and bolt through the elevation bracket on the most convenient side for access and fix finger tight.

4. Fit the Reflector to the Antenna Bracket by passing the Feed Leg through the cut out and secure the Reflector to the Bracket using 4 x M4.8 Crimptite screws 

5. Check that the LNB skew setting is appropriate to the area. To adjust where necessary loosen the clamp screw and reset to the correct position before retightening. Angle the front edge of the LNB Clamp so it locates under the return on top of the Feed Leg. Whilst supporting the Feed Leg rotate the Clamp down over the Leg ensuring that the location lugs on the Clamp lock securely into place in the cut outs on the bottom of the Feed Leg.

6. Remove the mounting button from the Feed Clamp and push this through the hole on the top surface of the clamp through into the feed leg, ensuring that the button sits firmly on top of the Feed Clamp. 


1. To mount the Antenna to the wall place the Wall Mount Bracket against the wall at the desired site. Ensure the rectangular holes are at the bottom and the square holes at the top. Using a spirit level to ensure the bracket is perfectly level.

2. Mark and drill holes in the prescribed way and fix the bracket to the wall using 4 x M8 coach screws and nylon plugs. Attach the Swing Arm to the bracket and secure in place using 2 x M6 x 16mm bolts and 2 x M6 Serrated flange nuts.

3. Using a current digital satellite meter align the antenna to the Sky satellites using the approved procedure. Note that Sky Q LNBs may not be compatible with older Satellite Finder Meters. Ensure the antenna face is kept horizontal using the spirit level on the Feed Clamp assembly, remembering to tighten the two rotation bracket bolts mentioned in Section 2 of the assembly Instructions above. Note that the spirit level bubble can be viewed from either above or below.

4. Before finalising the installation re-check that the dish face is perfectly level, the LNB is at the correct skew setting and that signals are optimised. Ensure that all bolts are tightened whilst maintaining signal optimisation but avoid over tightening as distortion of the dish face or support assembly will dramatically lower the performance of the dish. 

Sky LNB Skew Settings in UK

The 3 Zones indicated in the illustration above correspond to the numbered skew settings on the LNB casing, only positions 2, 3 and 4 are relevant for the British Isles.

Quality Installation Guidelines:

1. Do not use the antenna face to make setting adjustments, use the bracketry.

2. Ensure the Wall Mount Bracket is fastened with all 4 bolts, across at least 3 bricks and do not use the mortar lines. Never fit closer than 3 brick courses from the top of a wall or within 2 brick widths of an edge.

3. The antenna system must be assembled at the point of installation, do not transport preassembled.

4. Ensure the LNB is at the correct skew setting for the area and the dish face is level and secure. Always loosen the LNB clamp screw before adjusting the skew.

5. Do not over-tighten the bolts.


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