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Triax TMDS58C8

Triax TMDS58 C 8 Way dSCR Sky Q Switch

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The exciting launch of Sky Q, Sky’s most advanced TV experience ever, has created a surge of interest to install the new wireless home entertainment system. 

However, what does Sky Q mean for professional installers in MDU environments? 
If you install in MDU’s, the existing system will need to be re-designed to incorporate the new Digital SCR multiswitch (dSCR) to enable Sky Q functionality. 
TRIAX range of Sky approved dSCR (digital Satellite Cable Router) multiswitches for Sky Q include TMDS 54C, 4-way and TMDS 58C, 8-way switches powered by an external power supply (sold separately). 
The switch enables the Sky Q receiver to select certain frequencies and allow FM, DAB and UHF to pass to the apartment. 
The dSCR technology provides 16 user band channels to be selected per output, allowing the Sky Q receiver to record 4 channels and the viewer to watch another. 
TMDS switches can also be used in Sky Q or Legacy modes. Once the TMDS detects the Sky Q receiver it automatically switches to the SCR functionality. 
- Max. input level - SAT (IMD3 - 35dB) 73...103 dBµV  
- Max. input level - TER (IMD3 - 60dB) 96 dBµV 
- Max. output level SAT @ -35 dB IMD3 94 dBµV  
- Max. output level TER @ 60dB IMD3 90/103 dBµV  
- LNB current max. 500 mA  
- Switch commands Legacy / BSkyB SCR / CENELEC 50494 / CENELEC 50607 
- Frequency range TER 40...790 MHz  
- Frequency range SAT 950...2150 MHz 
- Tap loss TER --10/-21 dB  
- Tap loss SAT -15...+15/0 dB  
- Insertion loss - trunkline SAT 2.5 dB Insertion loss - trunkline TER 8 dB 
Isolation SAT to SAT >35 dB 
Return loss SAT inputs >10 dB Return loss TER inputs >8 dB 
Impedance 75 ? 
DC Operating voltage 20 VDC DC Current consumption (typ.) 100 mA External PSU Optional External PSU item ID 307372 Temperature range -20...+50 °C 
- Number of inputs  
- 5 DC input connector 5.5 / 2.1 mm  
- Connector Type F-female  
- Subscriber outputs 8  
- Number of trunk outputs 5  
- Number of trunk inputs 4 SAT, 1 TER  
- Number of SCR / STB (max.) 8 x 16 Number of SCR / STB per Output  
- 16 Colourcoding of IF and TER inputs yes 
- Packaging Volume 0,000 m3  
- Net Weight 0,880 kg  
- Tara Weight 0,160 kg  
- Total Weight 1,040 kg  
- Packaging Height 0,000 m  
- Packaging Width 0,000 m  
- Packaging Depth 0,000 m 

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