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Televes DIGAV

Televes DIGAV Video + IR sender

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Televes Digidom 2.4GHz AV Wireless Sender (730704)

The Televes Digidom 7602 wireless remote sender allows you to watch and control your AV (including Sky and Virgin) equipment from a remote location up to 100m away.

The transmitter connects to your AV source such as a Sky box, Virgin box, DVD player/recorder or VCR etc and transmits the signal to the receiver, the receiver is then connected to either a TV, PC or speaker system etc.

The Televes Digidom sender delivers consistently sharp video images and stereo sound at a frequency of 2.4GHz, this avoids the crowded 900MHz band used by many cordless telephones and other wireless remote sender system, that coupled with the superior quality of FM rather than AM signal modulation make this wireless sender from Televes a great investment.

It's not just an audio video sender.
The Televes Digidom also has a remote control extender, this allows you to control the equipment from the remote location using the sources original remote control, this gives you full control of your Sky box for example from the remote location.

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