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What is Sonos?

What is Sonos?


Sonos is a multiroom audio system that enables you to link to your own music libraries, internet radio services from around the world and music services such as Spotify and Napster.

Sonos components link via wireless or wired (via cat 5/6) to your network or internet router. We recommend the wired route wherever possible as it offers a more reliable connection and greater bandwidth. 

Single or multiple zones (up to 36) can be controlled independently via the FREE Sonos app for iPhone, iPad or Android and via the PC/MAC software.

Zones can be linked so the volume can be globally adjusted and music selected.

Sonos is quick, reliable and very easy to use. Come to our shop for a demonstration. We can supply from stock or install for you locally.

Sonos current range

Sonos Boost - A wifi booster for weak signal areas in the home
Sonos Play 1 - The entry level stand alone speaker
Sonos Play 3 - The mid range stand alone speaker
Sonos Play 5 - The top end stand alone speaker (New model)
Sonos Soundbar - Connects via the optical output on the TV and also used as a music player
Sonos Subwoofer - Wireless subwoofer supplements bass sound in conjunction with a soundbar or speakers
Sonos Amp - Connects to stand alone ceiling, bookshelf or floor speakers (multiple pairs via a switch)
Sonos Connect -  Connects to an exsiting AV or stereo amplifiers aux input. 


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