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Sky Q with a Single Cable

Sky Q with a Single Cable from the Satellite Dish

Did you know it is possible to still have Sky Q even if you only have one single coax cable running from your Sky Satellite Dish.

Many Sky installations are still using a single cable from the satellite dish and it may not be possible to add a second cable due to the existing cable running underground or perhaps channeled into walls. 

With Sky+ HD it was possible to put the Sky box into Single Feed Mode but this is not possible with Sky Q. 

The only solution to this issue is to use a special wideband LNB called a GLOBAL Universal dCSS LNB.

This will allow you to use your existing single cable with a Sky Q receiver and still be able to use the recording functions such as record one channel whilst viewing another. 

The only downside with the GLOBAL Universal dCSS LNB is that it is not compatible with existing Sky Dishes.  Unfortunately your existing Sky dish will need to be upgraded to a slightly larger Zone 2 solid Sky Dish.

          *Zone 2 Satellite Dish

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