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When upgrading to Sky Q it will be necessary to replace your exising LNB for a Wideband or Sky Q compatible LNB. In some situations where this is not possible dSCR and dCSS switches and adapters can be used. See our seperate Guide for dCSS Adapters HERE

Sky Q LNB for Sky Dishes

When you have an existing Sky dish and upgrade to Sky Q you will need to replace the LNB. The LNBs come with a clamp that will fit the new Mk 4 dishes that have now been standard for a few years. As Sky Q boxes only require 2 inputs from the LNB these LNBs are only Twin Out. Sky Q Multi-room boxes are connected internally to the main box via WiFi so a cable from the dish is note required.



For older Mk 3 Sky dishes an adapter is required. 

40mm Sky Q LNB for non-Sky Dishes

For some installations a larger dish may be required such as a 60cm or 80cm. Generally non-Sky dishes require an LNB that will fit a 40mm collar or LNB holder. Lem provide a Wideband LNB that is suitable for use with Sky Q and will fit dishes with a 40mm LNB clamp. The Lem LNB is also compatible with the Sqish dish.


Sky Q Hybrid LNB for Sky Dishes

For some installations where an Octo (8 Output) LNB has been used for Sky HD and Freesat and cable are already run then a Hybrid LNB may be the best option. The Hybrid LNB has 6 outputs 2 of which can be used for a Sky Q Box leaving 4 spare for Freesat receivers or Freesat TVs. 


Fibre Installations.

Where a Fibre LNB has been used, then instead of replaceing the LNB a dCSR GTU adapter is required which is installed inside and requires mains power.


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