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Sky Q DCSS LNB Adapter

Global Invacom D000363 dCSS Sky Q Adapter

Now that Sky are no longer promoting the older Sky HD boxes in favour for the Sky Q receivers many people are finding that when it comes to upgrading they have an existing system in place that is not as simple as swapping the existing LNB for a Highband or Hybrid LNB to get a Sky Q box and multi-room up and running. 

This may be for several reasons such as a multiswitch originaly being installed to run several Sky HD boxes or perhaps when a Stacker De-Stacker has been installed as it is only possible to use one cable and  not possible to install a second.

Global Invacom have produced a product called a D000363 dCSS Adaptor that will allow you to use older existing exipment and still be able to upgrade to a new Sky Q receiver with little installation or expense. 

To Replace a Stacker De-Stacker or Single Cable Installation

If you only have one cable from your satellite dish and have previously used a Stacker De-Stacker device or it is not possible to run a 2nd cable it is possible to use a dCSS switch and configure your  Sky Q box to SCR mode.

The dCSS Adapter with work with both a Quad or Quattro style LNB and you will have to ensure that all four cables are run to the dCSS adaptor. Remember that the adapter requires power from the 20v power supply (supplied) so you will need to find a suitable location such as a loft but you'll need a mains power socket.

The dCSS adapter has two outputs so you can run a single Sky Q receiver from just one output or add a secon for another room or add a single tuner Freesat receiver as well.

If you wish to have a Terrestrial TV signal sent down the same cable as well you will need to use a device called a Diplexer. The cable from the aerial will run into the diplexer with one of the outputs from the LNB which in turn goes into the VL (Vertical Low) input of the dCSS adapter. This will then combine the Terrestrial signal down the cable and can be split at the wall plate by the Sky Q box.

When using a single cable for SkyQ you need to configure the receiver to SCR Mode. To do that follow these instructions.

Connect the cable to Dish Input 1 on the Sky Q box

Enter the Sky Q Menu Settings

Press the Home Button on the Sky Q Remote

Highlight Settings and Enter 0 , 0 , 1 , 'Select' on the Remote

Change LNB Type from dish to SCR and Save

​Your Sky Q box should now be ready to use. Multi-room receivers do not require connection to the dish and connect via WiFi.

dCSS Adaptor and Existing Multi-Switch Installation

In some cases a multiswitch has been installed to run multiple Sky+ or Freesat receivers. Sky Q can not installed as a direct replacement for a Sky+ box in this situation and a DSCR switch or dCSS Adapter has to be used as an add on to the existing Multiswitch.



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