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Satshop GLTURK HD500

Satshop GLTURK HD500

Satshop GLTURK HD500 4K Uhd Turkish Persian Arabic Kurdish Iptv No Subscription

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GLTURK HD500 4K UHD Turkish Persian and Kurdish IPTV No Subscription

The GLTurk HD 500 4K UHD is a state-of-the-art IPTV box that combines all the modern features that the world of interactive television and multimedia entertainment has to offer. 

With the GLBOX HD 500 4k UHD, viewers on almost any modern television and anywhere in the world can watch over 600 of the world's top rated Turkish Persian Kurdish and Arabic television channels Subscription FREE

  • 290 Turkish channels GLTurk
  • 242 Arab channels GLArab
  • 88 Persian channels GLFarsi
  • 34 Kurdish channels GLKurd
  • 9 Afghan Afghani channels GLAfghan
  • 5 Azerbaijani channels GLAzerbaijani
  • 6 Armenian channels GLArmenia

The GLBOX HD 500 4K UHD includes kids cartoons, historical and ethnic films, current political channels, current series and national sports events - all your favorite videos without the need for terrestrial aerial, cable or satellite dish, and in a quality comparable to the digital SD Signal. 

The device is designed to play back media content stored on external media and supports streaming video of any format by adjusting the screen resolution to the input signal, including HD. 

CHANNEL LIST (sample list subject to variation)

A9, Ada TV, Adana TV, Akdeniz TV, Akdeniz TV Cyprus, Akilli, Aks TV, Aksu TV, Altas TV, Anadolu TV, ANS, Arabesk, ART Amasya, Arti Bir, ASTV Medya, ASU TV, Avantaj, AZ TV, Bahar TV, Bal TV, Baris, Bartin, Bayrak 1, Bayrak 2, Bea TV, Bengu Turk, Berat, Bereket, Beyaz TV, Bitlis TV, BRTV, Bugun, Cay TV, Cem TV, Cine5, CNN Turk, CRT, Damar TV, Denge TV, Derman TV, Dogu, Dost TV, Dream Turk, Dream TV, Dugun TV, Dunya EDL TV, Dunya TV, Ege TV, Egem TV, Euronews Turkish, FB TV, Festival TV, Flash TV, Gala, Gaziantep Olay, Genc TV, a Haber, Haber 365, Haber Turk, Halk Haber, Hayat, Hilal, HM TV, Ictimai TV, IMC, Irmak, Kackar, Kadirga, Kanal 15, Kanal 19, Kanal 2000, Kanal 24, Kanal 26, Kanal 3, Kanal 34, Kanal 35, Kanal 5, Kanal 58, Kanal 7, Kanal 7 Avrupa, Kanal 9, Kanal 99, Kanal a, Kanal Avrupa, Kanal B, Kanal D, Kanal Hayat, Kanal Sim, Kanal T, Kanal T Kibris, Kanal Turk, Kanal Urfa, Karadeniz Turk, Karadeniz TV, Kibris Genc TV, Kibris TV, Kocaeli TV, Kon TV, Konya, Koy TV, Koza, Kral Pop, Kral TV, Lider TV, Look TV, LTV London, Mar TV, Mavi Karadeniz, Mavi Trabzon, Maxi TV, Mega TV, Mehtap TV, Meltem TV, Mesaj TV, MMC TV, MPL, Nehir TV, Number 1, Number One Turk, Olay TV, OtO TV, Park TV, Pop Music, Power Turk TV, Rehber, Retro, Rumeli TV, Safa Tokat TV, Samanyolu Amerika, Samanyolu Avrupa, Samanyolu Haber, Samanyolu TV Turkiye, Sebil TV, Semerkand, Show Turk, Show TV, Sila, Sky Turk, Space TV, Sports TV, SRT, Star Shopping, Star TV Turkiye, Sufi TV, Super, Tatlises TV, Tay TV, Tek Rumeli, Tempo, TGRT Belgesel, TGRT EU, TGRT Haber, Tjk, TMB, TNC TV, Trakya Turk, TRT, TRT 1, TRT 6, TRT Avaz, TRT Belgesel, TRT Cocuk, TRT Diyanet, TRT Haber, TRT Muzik, TRT Okul, TRT Spor, TRT Turk, Tune, Turk C, Turkmeneli, TV 06, TV 1, TV 5, TV 52, TV 8, TV Kayseri, TV Net, TVT, Ulke, Ulusal Kanal, Uzay TV, Vatan TV, Vizyon 58, Vuslat, Xazar TV, Yaban, Yaren TV, Yeni Asir, Yol, Yumurcak, Yurdum TV

No Subscription No Contract and Unlimited Service

Please note:
The duration of the streams (broadcasters) or other content provided by GLBOX or third parties can not be guaranteed in the event of transmitter failure or bankruptcy. 
We have no influence on the provided stream (sender) or other content, so there is no claim to warranty or warranty if individual channels or content disappears. 
With the purchase of the GLBOX you only acquire the device itself and not the stream (broadcaster) additionally provided by GLBOX or third party.

  • Support of 4K and H.265 HEVC, processor: powerful ARM Cortex A53 quad core, graphics processor: Mali 450MP, RAM: 2Gb
  • External ports: HDMI 2.0, Ethernet 100 Mbps, 2 x USB 2.0, Micro SD slot, Dual Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 / 5 GHz, AV Out 3.5 mm
  • Media Content Quaellen: PC and NAS in the local network, stream media protocols (RTSP, RTP, UDP, IGMP, HTTP), USB devices
  • The sender package includes up to: 72 hours rewind capability, 88 Persian channels GLFars, 242 Arabic channels GLArab, 290 Turkish channels GLTurk, 34 Kurdish channels GLTurk, 5 Azerbaijani channels GL AZERBAIJANI, 6 Armenian channels GL ARMENIAN, 9 Afghan channels GL AFGHANI
  • Scope of delivery: 1x GLBOX HD 500 4K UHD, 1x remote control, 1x HDMI cable, 1x power supply, 1x network cable, 1x quick start guide (English)

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