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Satshop GIPTV

Satshop GIPTV Global IPTV Arabic IPTV Set Top Box and Subscription 12 Months

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Satshop GIPTV Global IPTV Arabic IPTV Set Top Box and Subscription 12 Months Global IPTV is a brand new service offering over 550 of the best Arabic channels. The first thing you notice when watching Global IPTV is the quality of the content/transmission, it is truly superb in both audio and video. Furthermore the channel changing time is super quick, less than 1 second. Due to the demise of a number of European Arabic satellite services demand for this box is high. Global IPTV`s channels are delivered over the Internet in HD quality. The channels can be received anywhere in the world using an internet connection speed of 2 Mbps or higher. No satellite dish, aerial or PC required. There are currently over 550 channels (with more channels being added all the time) plus a vast selection of English and Arabic Video On Demand (VOD) movies. CHANNEL LIST (sample list - subject to variation) 2M Monde, 4 Shabab, Abu Dhabi Al Aoula, Abu Dhabi Al Aoula Europe, Abu Dhabi Drama, Abu Dhabi Sport, Addar TV, Aden Live, Afaq, Ajyal, Al Aan, Al Adalah, Al Ahly, Al Alam News, Al Aoula - Moroco, Al Aqsa, Al Arabi Cultural, Al Arabyia, Al Arabyia Al Hadath, Al Askandaria, Al Baghdadia, Al Baghdadia 2, Al Bawadi, Al Bet Betak Cinema, Al Danah, Al Ekhbariya News, Al Eqtisadia, Al Falstinia, Al Fayhaa, Al Forat, Al Hadara, Al Hayat 1, Al Hayat Cinema, Al Hayat Muslsalt, Al Hiwar, Al Hurria, Al Iraqia, Al Jadeed Sat, Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera Children, Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Sport 1, Al Jazeera Sport 2, Al Jazeera Sport Global, Al Kahera, Al Kanal, Al Ktab, Al Maaref, Al Magarebia, Al Maghribiah 5, Al Majd, Al Majd 3 Al Quran Kareem, Al Manar, Al Masrawia, Al Massryia, Al Mayadeen TV, Al Nahar +2, Al Nahar Drama, Al Nahar TV, Al Qahera We Alnas, Al Quds, Al Quran Al Kreem, Al Rai, Al Rasheed, Al Rayah, Al Rayan, Al Resalah, Al Saeed, Al Saeedah, Al Sahraa, Al Salam, Al Salam Alik, Al Shalal, Al Sharjah, Al Sharqia Drama, Al Sharqiya, Al Shorooq TV, Al Sobki Cinema, Al Subah, Al Sumaria, Al Sunna Al Nabawiyah, Al Thanyia, Al Thaqafia, Al Wahdeh, Al Zahabiya, Al Zahraa, Algerie-3, ANB, Arab Women, Arabica Music, Arirang, Arrabia – Moroco, Arryadia, ART Cinema, ART Hekayat 1, ART Hekayat 2, ART Movies 1, ART Movies 2, B 4 U Movie, Bahrain, Baraem, BBC Arabic, BBC World Service, Blue Nile, Cairo Cinema, Cairo Drama, Cairo Drama 2, Canal Algerie, CBC, CBC Drama, CBC+2, CCTV Arabia, Cima, CN Arabia, CNBC Arabia, Coptic TV, CRT, Daleel, Darabaka Aflam, Dream 1, Dubai, Dubai One, Dubai Racing, Dubai Sport 2, DW TV Arabia, Dyiala, El Mold, Euro News, Fatafeat, FOX, Fox Movies Middle East, France 24 Arabic, France 24 English, Future, Future USA, FX, Gali Kurdistan, Ghinwa, Hannibal, Hawas, Hawler, Hi TV, HODHOD, iFilm, Infinity, Iqraa Arabic, Iraqia Sport, Ishtar TV, Ithraa, Jordan, JSC Documentary, JSC Mubasher, JSC Sport +1, JSC Sport +10, JSC Sport +3, JSC Sport +4, JSC Sport +5, JSC Sport +6, JSC Sport +7, JSC Sport +8, JSC Sport +9, (15 channels total including HD), JSC Sport News, Karamesh, Karbala Sat. Ch., KNN, Koky Kids, KurdSat, Kuwait, Kuwait 2, Kuwait 3, Kuwait Plus, LBC Sat, LCD Afalm, Light TV, Line Sport, Lybia Al Ahrar, Lybia Awalan, Majan, Marasil, Mazzika, Mazzika Zoom, MBC, MBC 2, MBC 3, MBC 4, MBC Action, MBC Drama, MBC Maghreb, MBC Masir, MBC Max, MCP, Medi1 TV, Mehwar 2, Melody Aflam, Melody Drama, Melody Hits, Miracle, Misar 25, Moga Comedy, MTV Arabia, MTV Lebanon, Mwal Drama, National Geographic, NBN, NessmaNHK World, Noor Al_Saham, Noor Dubai, Nour Al Dunya, Noursat, Oman, ON TV, Orient, Oscar Drama, OTV Lebanon, Palestine Channel, Palestinian Today, Panorama Action, Panorama Comedy, Panorama Drama, Panorama Drama 2, Panorama Film, Peace, Play Hekayat +2, Qatar, Rojhelat, Rotana, Rotana Aflam, Rotana Cinema, Rotana Classic, Rotana Clip, Rotana Khalijiah, Rotana Masrya, Royal Somalia, RT Arabic, Sada Al bald, Sama Dubai, Sat 7, Sat 7 Kids, Sat 7 Plus, Saudi 1, Saudi Sport, Saudi Sport2, Scope, Shaba (Sheba) TV, Shabab TV, Shabyat, Sky News Arabia, Somali Channel, Somaliland National TV, Somalisat, Speda, SSTV, Star Cinema 1, Star Cinema 2, Sudan, Suroyo TV, Syria Drama, Syria Sat. Channel, Syrian News, Taha, Tamazigh, Tayba, Teba, Tele Leban, Time Cinema, Time Comedy, Tok Tok Cinema, Toyor Al Jannah 1, Toyor Al Jannah 2, TRT Arapca, Tunis Nat, Tunisia 2, Tunisna TV, Universal, VIN, Wanasah, Yamania, Yemen Shabab, Zagros, Zee Aflam, Zee Alwan

Key Functions:

Access to Live TV and Live Radio directly on your TV
720p & 1080i for PAL & NTSC
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
VOD - Video on Demand Ready
Wired or wireless Internet connectivity
Favorite channel list
Ports and Interfaces:

Video Interface: HDMI, Analog RCA video/stereo audio, Component Out, 
Network Interface: 10/100Base-T Ethernet
Digital Audio Out S/P DIF
Other Ports: 2 x USB 2.0 ports (for Wifi, Flash Storage, Software Update)
Items Included:

Global GTV Set Top Box
Built-in Wifi
Standard Remote Control with 2xAAA Batteries
HDMI Cable
RCA A/V Cable
Component Cable
10/100 Ethernet Cable
110V/220V PSU

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