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SAC AE0710

SAC AE0710

SAC AE0710 Signal Monster Flat TV Aerial

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SAC AE0710 Signal Monster Flat TV Aerial

Product Features

Anti-UV coating
Ultra waterproof casing
Lightweight and compact
Simple and quick to install
Comes with wall & pole mount bracket
For both analogue and HDTV
Can be used with or without supplied amplifier/splitter

Technical Data

Frequency Range: 470-862Mhz
Antenna Gain: 12.5dB - 36dB (12.5dB without amplifier
Max. Output level: 100dBµV
Impedance: 75ohm
Noise Figure: =3.5dB
Power Supply: AC 230V/DC12v 100mA
Aerial Size: 190x150x600

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