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Planning Permission for Satellite dishes

Home Owners Guide to Planning and Satellite Dishes

We are often asked for advice on if planning permission is required to install a satellite dish on a property whether it be for Sky, Foreign TV or Broadband by Satellite.

Planning restrictions can vary from area to area and on the type of property but we have written a guide based on the UK Gov Planning website.

In most cases planning permission will not be required so long as the following conditions are met.

  1. No more than two satellite dishes should be installed on a single property or within the boundry
  2. Any single satellite dish should not exceed 100cm in any direction
  3. Should two satellite dishes be installed then one must not exceed 100 cm and the second no larger that 60cm in any direction
  4. If a satellite dish is intended to be installed on the chimney then the dish must not exceed 60cm in any direction and must not protude above above the chimney and not 60 centimetres measured from the highest part of the ridge tiles of the roof whichever is lower.
  5. The satellite dish has a maximum cubic capacity of not more than 35 litres.
  6. Any satellite dish that is installed on a roof without a chimney must not be higher than the highest part of the roof
  7. If you live in a house within a conservation area, World Heritage Site, area of outstanding natural beauty, area of special scientific interest or National Park-
  8. The satellite dish is not installed on a chimney, wall or roof slope facing onto and visible from a road, and is not installed on a building over 15 metres high.


Of course this is just a guide 

Further guidance is available from your local planning office.
Note: A satellite dish should so far as is practicable:
  • be sited so as to minimise its effect on the external appearance of the building and
  • be removed when no longer needed for reception or transmission purposes
The length of an antenna is to be measured in any linear direction, but the measurement does not include any projecting feed element, reinforcing rim, mounting or brackets.
If you live in a house which is a listed building, it is likely that you will need Listed Building Consent for any building operations. If the development is within the curtilage of a listed building you may need to submit a planning application for the work unless listed building consent has already been granted. Your local planning office will be able to advise you.
We are able to offer a free site survey if you would like any advice on where a satellite dish can be installed on your property. 






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