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Aerials IRS Multiswitches

IRS (integrated reception systems) enable terrestrial UHF and satellite IF signals plus FM/DAB to be combined into one cable feed. The signal is then split at the TV point using combination faceplate outlets. They are used in communal reception systems and in many of the home system we install.

It is possible to use a switch that can accept multiple satellite feeds to send via a single cable that uses disecq commands to switch between inputs.

Fibre optic cable system allow for long distances between dish and receiver points and can be used on very large developements with little or no loss. 

Vision EV5-101T

Vision EV5-101T Vision V5 Amp (Line) 4 X Sat+Terr +12V Evo


EMP Centauri MS5/4PIU-4

EMP Centauri MS5/4PIU-4 5In/8Out Multiswitch

EMP Centauri MS5/12PIU-5

Emp Centauri Ms5/12Piu-5 5In/12Out Multiswitch

EMP Centauri MS5/16PIU-5

EMP Centauri MS5/16PIU-5 5In/16Out Multiswitch

EMP Centauri MS5/8PIU-4

EMP Centauri MS5/8PIU-4 5In/8Out Multiswitch

EMP Centauri MS5/20PIU-6

EMP Centauri MS5/20PIU-6 5In/20Out Multiswitch

EMP Centauri MS5/24PIU-6

EMP Centauri MS5/24PIU-6 5In/24Out Multiswitch

Vision EV5-516M

Vision EV5-516M Vision V5 Multiswitch 5X16 Ac Evo


Delta MSE-5012N

Delta MSE-5012N 5 In 12 Out Multiswitch For Use With Quad Or Quattro


EMP Centauri MS13/ 8PIU-6 V10

EMP Centauri MS13/ 8PIU-6 V10 Satellite multiswitch with 12 sat 1 UHF inputs and 8 outputs

Delta MSE-5024N

Delta MSE-5024N 5 In 24 Out Multiswitch Vhf/Uhf-If Active Use Quad Or Quattro Lnb


Delta MSE-9016N

Delta MSE-9016N 9 In 16 Out Multiswitch Vhf/Uhf-If Active Use Quad Or Quattro Lnb



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