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LG LED screens

With their Sleek style and design, LG tv's are the focal point of any room. Their new and innovative features allow Ultra HD and OLED to deliver unbeatable detail. Now the new Web0S 2.0 Smart TV's will provide endless hours or entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

The LF range from LG are the entry level screens, perfect for everyday viewing and gaming 


Available in 32" 42" and 49". This Full HD screen also comes with Freeview HD, Smart functions and is wifi capable 




The LF630 is available in 49" 55" and comes with the same features as the LF580 but with the addition of a single Freesat HD satellite tuner



LG's UF range is their mid to top range of LED screens with all at least offering 4K, Freeview HD and smart functions


Available in 43" 49" offers the above features but does require a ethernet cable to access the Smart features 




Available in 43" 49" and comes with additional features such as 4K streaming and inbuilt wifi




Available in 40" 49" 55" 65". with the same features as the 690 but with the addition of LG's award winning new WebOS 2.0 and Ultra surround, a multi-channel sound effect for the most realistic audio a TV can offer 



Available in 55" 65" 79". With 4K 3D and ultra luminance allows you to enjoy brighter whites and darker blacks bringing brighter scenes to brilliant new levels and darkest shadows to life



Available in 55" 65". LG's top of the range LED screen boasts 4K ultra HD, 4K streaming, 4K 3D, Web OS 2.0, the auditorium stand designed for a fuller and richer audio experience and a 4.2 channel speaker system designed by harman kardon


LG OLED screens


Available only in 55". this Full HD curved OLED screen is also Smart with Web OS 2.0, 3D, has tuners for both Freeview HD and Freesat HD and in built wifi



Available only in 55". This 4K screen comes with the same features as the EG910 but WITHOUT the Freesat tuner




Available only in 55". Full HD, Curved OLED screen with Freeeview HD, 3D and inbuilt Wifi




This is LG's top of the range curved OLED screen, boasting features such as 4K, 4k 3D, Web OS 2.0, perfect blacks, absolute motion clarity and speakers designed by Harman Kardon, providing a premium listening experience to compliment its breathtaking display 


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