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Large fine for Sky Sports Pirate


Yusuf Mohammed a Sky Sports customer of Bristol found himself falling foul of the law when was caught streaming live Sky Sports illegally.  Yusuf Mohammed was ordered by the High Court of England legal costs of over £16,000 and to disclose details of any money he made and other people involved. As well as being ordered to pay costs he will also have to pay Sky damages.

“This is the latest action taken in the ongoing crackdown on illegal digital piracy,” noted Kieron Sharp, CEO of UK intellectual property protection organisation FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft). “It should now be crystal clear to anyone thinking of pirating or watching a pirated stream that this is not a grey area and that it is illegal.”

In a similar recent case, an individual admitted guilt, provided a written apology to Sky and agreed to pay substantial legal costs for sharing the Joshua vs Klitschko fight on Facebook – the stream was viewed by around 600,000 people.

“This should serve as a warning to others – whether it’s a copyright infringing website, a ‘fully-loaded’ streaming device or an illegal stream on social media, it is still piracy and breaking the law,” added Sharp.

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