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Sky TV Install Sky TV

We are authorised independent agents for Sky TV in the area and can arrange a deal on a new Sky subscription with professional installation.

We ALWAYS have special deals on Sky for new subscribers. 

We currently offer FREE basic installation for new subscribers locally plus:

  • Awkward and discrete dish or cabling.
  • Chimney/roof installations (if safely accessible).
  • Multi room using extra Sky receivers or one Sky receiver to multiple TVs in HD (using HDMI or data cable)  or in RF (using coax).
  • Communal systems and upgrades. 
  • Free Box and standard installation. 
  • For Sky subscription deals for TV, Phone and Broadband see our latest offers page.


Contact us to arrange a FREE local survey.  We always provide detailed quotations and give our own 2 year parts and labour warranty with all our installations. 

Installation SKYTW

Install Sky TV In Tunbridge Wells

Installation SKYCROW

Install Sky TV In Crowborough

Installation SKYTON

Install Sky TV In Tonbridge

Installation SKYEDEN

Install Sky TV In Edenbridge

Installation SKYHEAT

Install Sky TV In Heathfield

Installation SKYSO

InstallSky TV In Sevenoaks

Installation SKYMAID

Install Sky TV In Maidstone

Installation SKYQCROW

Installation SKYQCROW Sky TV Q Installation In Crowborough

Installation SKYQTW

Installation SKYQTW Sky Q TV Installation In Tunbridge Wells


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