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Freesat Install Freesat

Freesat is a non subscription service via satellite. You can receive over 200 tv and radio channels with HD and On-Demand services also available using the latest Freesat receivers. Some receivers also enable you to record and pause live TV and have access to On Demand services like BBC iPlayer etc.  

You need the following to receive Freesat: 

  • Satellite dish with a clear line of site to the Astra 2 satellite (the same satellite and dish used for sky)
  • A Freesat receiver or a Freesat enabled TV
  • Internet access for On Demand services


Contact us to arrange a FREE local survey.  We always provide detailed quotations and give our own 2 year parts and labour warranty with all our installations. 

Installation FREETW

Freesat Installation In Tunbridge Wells

Installation FREETON

Freesat Installation In Tonbridge

Installation FREESO

Freesat Installation In Sevenoaks

Installation FREECROW

Freesat Installation In Crowborough

Installation FREEEDEN

Freesat Installation In Edenbridge

Installation FREEHEAT

Freesat Installation In Heathfield

Installation FREEMAID

Installation FREEMAID Freesat Installation In Maidstone


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