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Aerials Install Aerials

We install TV Aerials in the areas shown in the list on the left.

  • Aerials fitted for Freeview, Freeview HD, Play plus BT Vision and Talk Talk receivers.
  • High gain aerials for low signal areas and log periodic aerial in strong signal areas. 
  • Multiple TV points. Extra TV points.
  • Communal aerial systems for aerial and satellite. 
  • New aerials and upgrades using existing brackets and cabling.


Every job is different so we offer FREE local surveys and detailed quotes.

We give 2 years parts and labour warranty with all our installations.

Installation AITW

TV Aerial installation in Tunbridge Wells


Installation AISO

TV Aerial Installation In Sevenoaks


Installation AITON

TV Aerial Installation In Tonbridge


Installation AICROW

Installation AICROW Aerial Installation In Crowborough


Installation AIEDEN

TV Aerial Installation In Edenbridge


Installation AIHEAT

TV Aerial Installation In Heathfield



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