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How to Renew Zaap TV Subscription

When the subscription for your Zaap TV box epires it is easy to renew your subscription and continue viewing your Arabic or Greek TV Channels.

All you need to do is look to see what model your existing Zaap Box is. On the underside of the box will be a sticker with the Serial Number and MAC Address. It's important we have these numbers so please either write themn down of take a picture of the numbers and email them to us.











Once you have established the model of your ZaapTV box you can then choose your subscription. If you have an older Zaap Box that is nolonger be supported then we also offer an exchange programme where we can supply you the lastest ZaapTV box at a discounted price.












Once you have chosen your box, package and emailed us your box details we can automatically renew and avtivate your ZaapTV box.

It's as simple as that. Of course if you get stuck or require any help you can always call us on 0800 999 0080 or email us at sales@satshop.co.uk 


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