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HD Distribution Guide

HDMI Distribution Guide.

It is now possible to distribute High Definition and 4K UHD around the home via HDMI from all your devices such as Sky HD, BluRay, Apple TV, CCTV infact any device that has a HDMI output on it. 

A HD distribution system can be as simple as connecting just one device such as your SkyHD box to a second TV using an  existing coaxual cable to distrubuting multiple devices around the house using the latest Cat6 cable and a HDMI Matrix Switch.


HDMI Baluns

A HDMI Balun is a simple device that will allow you view a HD source such as your Sky HD box on your main TV as well as a second TV in say the Kitchen or Bedroom. 

Two baluns are required, a sender and a receiver. The sender is connected to the device you wish to distribute and a receiver which is placed next to your second TV. For best results the two baluns are linked together via a Cat6 cable although where it is not possible to run a new a cable it is possible to use an older existing TV coaxal cable should you already have one in place.



Some baluns have a HDMI loop through so you can pass the HD signal to your local TV. Baluns also have an IR link so you are also able to control your HD device from the second room.


Sky Q UHD 4K HDCP2.2

Are you having Issues using baluns with Sky Q in 4K UHD over data ? 

Lots of manufacturers say their HD baluns work but in our experience they really dont !  If you want the best value HDCP 2.2 compatible baluns that actually work UHD then go for these:



HDMI Over Power

If you do not already have a Cat6 or Coax cable between two rooms and it is not possible to run a new cable then you may be able to use a HDMI over Power adaptor that sends the HD signal to your second TV via the ring main and power sockets. 

The HDJuice Box consists of a receiver and a transmitter that deliver HD video and audio from SKY HD boxes, Set Top Boxes, Blu-ray™ disc players, video game consoles etc. to compatible HDTV displays located near power outlets. As with the HDMI baluns the HDJuice supports a full IR remote sender so you can control the original HD source, via a remote, from any receiver location.


HD Modulators

Many people have a Sky HD box installed in a remote location away from the main TVs, such as in the loft and distribute the signal via UHF coaxal cable to other TVs around the house.

Whilst this system works very well the picture that is delivered to each TV is in Analogue and not High Definition. This results in lower picture quality which in todays world of HD is now quite noticable.

For such installations it is possible to install a HD Modulator next to the Sky box which will send HD to each TV around the house using the existing cabling. 

The Sky channel will then be added to your existing Freeview channels. Of course your TV will need to have a HD tuner built in to each TV.


HDMI Matrix over single Cat5/6

For a more comperhensive system where multiple devices are required to be distributed to upto 8 TVs then a HDMI Matrix is the best option. Usualy all the equipment will be housed in a specialised temperature controled AV rack installed in a disreate location such as a cupboard.



This will be the main hub where upto eight devices such as Sky Q, Sky HD, BT Youview, Virgin TiVo, Amazon Fire TV etc will be connected to the Matrix which in turn will be distibuted via Cat6 cable to upto eight TVs. 

Higher Spec Matrixes such as the HDAnywhere mHUB is a HDBaseT multiroom system which allows you to send not only 1080p HD but 4K UHD video as well as being able to control all you your devices via remote control.

Over the single Cat 6 cable, mHub 4K can also can deliver high-speed internet (10/100 Ethernet), for things like online gaming and smart TV services, to each TV that is connected to its central hub.

The balun receivers are positioned behind each of your TVs and as the mHUB is PoE compatible they do not require power supplies either, meaning that they can be easily hidden away and do not take up precious socket space at your TVs!

If you're a home cinema enthusiast or audiophile, mHub 4K can support all surround sound multichannel audio formats from 5.1 right up to the highest-spec object-based audio formats, called Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Home Automation Control 

As well as various HDMI distribution systems we also offer exiting Home Automation Control Systems such as Demopad.

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