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Global T4

Global T4

Global T4 4 way Loft box In Home Distribution System

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The Global LoftBox is an integrated Home Distribution system. Normally located in the loft, it combines TV, FM, DAB, CCTV and Satellite on to one down cable, feeding to a Global triplexing wallplate or MSWP in the living room. Fully Compatible with the Sky Digital tvLINK System Combines Satellite, TV, FM, DAB, and CCTV on to one down cable to the living room Typically 8dB Gain to each output TV FM Digi Channel, VCR, DAB, and CCTV available at each output Built in switch mode power supply with LED power on indicator

  • Freq. range: 88-108MHz (FM Antenna), 217-230MHz (DAB Antenna), 460-860MHz (CCTV), 460-860MHz (TV Antenna), 950-2150 MHz (SAT Antenna)
  • Gain to living room: 3dB +/-2dB (FM Antenna), 3dB +/-2dB (DAB Antenna), 5dB +/-2dB (CCTV), 5dB +/-2dB (TV Antenna), 3B +/-3dB (SAT Antenna)
  • Noise figure: 5dB Max (FM Antenna), 5dB Max (DAB Antenna), 6dB Max (CCTV), 4dB (TV Antenna)
  • DC Passing: n/a
  • Satellite antenna input to terrestrial isolation: >-55dB

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