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Global Invacom F813000

Global Invacom F813000 Fibreirs® Box Tap 10:90

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Global Invacom F813000 Fibreirs® Box Tap 10:90

Dual window 1310/1550nm Passive optical taps like the box splitters are an integral part of the PON, they simply split the light transmitted by the ODU32/Optical LNB into un-equal parts, a 10:90 tap for example would separate the light into two un-equal parts 90% on one output port and 10% to the other, the 20:80 similarly would allow 20% of the signal to one port and 80% to the other. Using this type of architecture significantly reduces the amount of fibre routing required allowing the installer much greater flexibility within their system designs.

Insertion Loss Port 1: 11.2dB 
Insertion Loss Port 2: 1.2 dB

Size: 148x115x21 mm

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