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Global DIP2

Global DIP2 Global If / Uhf-Fm `F` Diplexer Combines Satellite And Uhf/Fm Down 1 Cable

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Global DIP2 GLOBAL DIP2 IF / UHF-FM `F` Diplexer Combines Satellite and UHF/FM Down 1 Cable Allows a Satellite signal to be added to an existing system High isolation between Satellite and TV ports Low insertion Loss Weatherproof case

To be used for systems using a VHF or UHF amplifier powered through the coax. This supplies a 12V, 100mA max supply to the terrestrial input. The current for both the satellite LNB and the terrestrial amplifier is supplied by the satellite receiver.

  • TV Port: 47-860MHz
  • Insertion Loss: < 2dB
  • Isolation: > 40dB
  • Current Passed: DIP2-DC100mA max 12V
  • Impedance: 75ohms
  • Satellite Port: 950 -2150MHz
  • Insertion Loss: < 3dB
  • Isolation: > 30dB
  • Current Passed: 1A max
  • External Installation: YES

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