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Global D000363

Global D000363

Global D000363 DCSS Adaptor For SkyQ

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Global D000363 DCSS Adaptor For SkyQ

• Easy upgrade

• Cost effective

• Existing IRS system is untouched

• Existing signal levels remain the same

• Supports legacy, SCR and dCSS/dSCR

• Compatible with any Global Invacom GTU, SwitchBlade & all traditional multiswitches

• dSCR GTU available for connection directly to GI Fibre systems

The new dCSS Adapter by Global Invacom is the best solution for upgrading homes for Sky Q. Whether connected to existing traditional IRS or GI Fibre systems, this is the perfect device to convert standard satellite IF signals to the new dCSS/dSCR type required by the latest STBs.

The dCS adaptor converts 4 standard IRS feeds to 2 dCSS outputs.Terrestrial signals are overlaid onto both output ports. One LED indicator allows the user to monitor the status of the unit. Able to work in legacy, analogue SCR (aSCR) and digital SCR (dSCR) modes.
Inputs (Electrical)      
Parameter Min Max Notes
Input 1 RF frequency range (MHz) 88 1950  
Input 2 RF frequency range (MHz 950 1950  
Input 3 RF frequency range (MHz 1100 2150  
Input 4 RF frequency range (MHz 1100 2150  
Impedance 75Ω  
Nominal input level 75dBμV  
Output (Electrical)      
Parameter Min Max Notes
Nominal Impedance 75Ω  
Return loss 10dB    
Gain variation across band   6dB  
Nominal output level 80dBμV  
Control signals (Legacy only)      
Vertical select voltage 11.5V 14.0V 13V nominal
Horizontal select voltage 16V 19V 18V nominal
Low / High band 0/22KHz tone  
DC specification      
Input voltage 20V  
Current consumption 430mA max  
Max supply current (inputs total) 500mA  
Max supply current (inputs per port) 250mA  
Optical cabling      
Fibre type Single mode  
Standard GI - approved G657a  
Input F x 4  
Output F x 2  
Power supply 2.1mm Jack  
Environmental Specification      
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C  
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C  
Cenelec EN 50607  
Cenelec EN 50494

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