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French TNT HD Upgrade


From April 2016 the French TNTSAT Channels will all be moving to HD. 

This means that if you have a Standard Definition TNTSAT receiver from the 25th of April you will be nolonger able to view the channels unless you upgrade to a HD set top box.

How do you know if you're box is affected?

You will receive a notice message on screen, telling you to upgrade your box to HD.

Link to new TNTSAT HD Box and Card

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is my existing Satellite receiver already HD Ready?

To find out if your existing set top box is already HD ready then just turn to the TF1 Channel. If the TF1HD LOGO is on the top right hand side of the screen then your box is already HD and does not need to be upgraded. If you only see the TF1 Logo you will need to purchase a new HD box from our Website.

Will I need to change my dish or LNB?

No so long as you was receiving TNTSAT or Fransat channels in Standard Definition previously and have a good signal you will not need to change the dish or LNB.

My Television is not HD will the new box still work?

Yes even if your television is not HD then the new box will still work. All TNTSAT and Fransat boxes come with both HDMI and Scart connections so can be connected to old and new televisions.

How can I order my new box?

Yuo can order your new box directly from our website or if you prefer you can call our Sales Team on 0800 999 0080 between 8.30am and 5.30pm 

Link to new TNTSAT HD Box and Card


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