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Freesat Wideband LNB

What Dish and LNB Options are Available for the Freesat 4K Box

What is freesat?

Freesat is the subscription Free satellite service providing over 180 UK Channels 20 of which are in HD. 

Do I need to Change my Satellite Dish

The Wideband LNBs used for Freesat are the same as those used for Sky Q and fit the newer style on Sky Dishes. However older style Sky dishes are not compatible with the new LNBs due to the fixing that attaches the LNB to the Dish boom are are different. You will notice in the pictures below the Wideband LNBs have a plastic attachment that clips over the top of the arm that protudes from the dish. On older style Sky dishes the LNB slotted inside the arm and not over the top. In these cases you may need to change your dish as well.

Twin output Widband LNB for one 4K Freesat Receiver

Hybrid LNB for 4K Freesat and older HD Freesat Boxes

Wideband LNBs for dishes other than Sky


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