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Formula 1 Season on RTL

Formula 1 via Free to air German RTL channel

Updated Info for the 2019 Season

Well the new F1 Season is upon us for 2019 and RTL Still retains the rights to show live coverage. 

We can supply a Satellite Receiver and Dish for RTL SD for £125 + Installation

We have a network of national installers who can assist with fitting.

or a complete Slef Installation Kit for just £149 and FREE DELIVERY

We can also Supply a HD Receiver and Viewing Card for RTL HD

Or if you are unable to have a satellite dish we can also provide a Streaming box as well.

Just call us on 01892 548468 or email sales@satshop.co.uk for more info.

We have put together a complete self installation package to receive RTL from the Astra 1 Satellite. The kit includes everything you require from a HD satellite receiver, satellite dish and even cables connectors and a satfinder meter.

What the future holds for F1 and RTL remains uncertain.



As many F1 fans are aware the Sky have now secured the rights to show the F1 Live leaving only catch up and highlights left for viewer in the UK

What some fans are not aware of however is that the coverage is available via foreign channels for free with a one off payment instead of paying a subscription to Sky.

Perhaps the easiest and most accessible channel available to receive free Formula 1 coverage is the German channel RTL that is transmitted for Free on the Astra satellite at 19° East, and can be received with a 60cm dish and an inexpensive free to air digital satellite receiver.

It is important to note that as RTL is a German channel the commentary will be in German however live commentary is available via Radio 5 Live but you may notice it will be a little out of synch. It is possible to use the PURE DAB radio using the pause facility to sync the sound if you want to make that much effort. As far as I’m aware RTL will be having commercial breaks through out the racing.

Recommend Equipment for RTL

We recommend 60cm Mesh Satellite Dish Kit with LNB for most parts of the country and a variety of satellite receivers are available from as little as £119

Formula 1 on French TF1 via TNTSat package

The French station TF1 is also showing coverage but requires it’s own receiver and although free to air requires an official viewing card. 2 options are available to receive TF1 the 1st being with a French TNTSat Satellite receiver and a 60cm Dish again looking at the Astra satellite at 19° East. With a TNTSat receiver and dish you will have the option of viewing both TF1 and the German RTL channel.

Recommended Equipment for TNTSat

60cm Mesh Satellite Dish Kit with LNB
French TNTSat Satellite Receiver with 4 Year Viewing Card

Formula 1 on French TF1 via Fransat package 

TF1 is also available from the Atlantic Bird satellite at 5 West. As with TNTSat this requires its own receiver and card but in most cases a larger 80cm Dish is required as the signal is slightly weaker.

Recommended Equipment for Fransat

80cm Satellite Dish Kit with LNB
Fransat Satellite Receiver and Card


We have a network of installation engineers up and down the country soif you need any help with installing your equipment then call one of our sales staff and we will locate an engineer in your area.

Beat the Sky Subscription and watch the f1 Formula 1 Free and Live on UK TV


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