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Epson EH-TW9200W

Epson EH-TW9200W

Epson EH-TW9200W Home Cinema Projector 3Lcd 600,000:1 Contrast Ratio

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WIRELESSHD Enjoy FullHD, 2D and 3D viewing, without the hassle of connecting wires or cables. With FullHD technology, our EH-TW9200W WirelessHD projector offers HDCP- compliant transmission without buffering. You can even view a second device using the picture-in-picture mode and switch between up to five connected HDMI devices. The WirelessHD transmitter also features a convenient HDMI-MHL port for viewing Android-based smartphone and tablet content easily. BRIGHT AND COLOURFUL IDEAS By using advanced technology, it has the power to deliver great visuals. The EH-TW9200W is one of the brightest home cinema projectors around – cue watching films "even" in daylight, but that`s not the whole story. Just as important as high brightness in white, is an equally high Colour Light Output, thanks to Epson`s own 3LCD technology and C2Fine panels. The EH-TW9200W can deliver at 2,400 lumens with ease and ensures bright and accurate colours. WHAT A CONTRAST With a huge dynamic contrast ratio of 600,000:1, thanks to a new auto-iris, the EH-TW9200W can cope with almost any ambient light levels it`s likely to encounter – and still deliver a crisp and impactful picture. Paired with C2fine panels, our highly effective auto-iris ensures optimum blacks and bright whites in all scenes, bringing FullHD images to life. Just as critical for accuracy is the EH-TW9200W`s Deep Black technology, which creates true-to-life, inky black areas of images while carefully revealing shadow detail within; it`s one of the other secrets to its cinematic brilliance. SENSATIONAL CINEMATIC IMAGES The EH-TW9200W achieves even sharper images than you`d see at the cinema by using specially created cinema filters. Carefully and continually extracting pure hues of the three primary colours from the lamp light, the result is a wide colour gamut and unbeatable colour reproduction – and always with the very highest contrast ratio possible. With four dedicated colour presets usable when the EH-TW9200W is in 2D mode (dynamic, living room, natural and cinema) and two more for when it`s projecting in 3D (3D Dynamic and 3D Cinema) the EH-TW9200W is perfect for anyone after the very best in home cinema. There`s also an extensive ISF certified colour management system that enables full custom calibration. ANOTHER DIMENSION IN BRIGHTNESS 3D has never looked so good, or been so immersive. For the best quality 3D images, Epson uses 480hz drive technology, creating a high level of brightness by minimising the black out time of 3D glasses. Coming with two pairs of lightweight Epson RF 3D glasses using Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy content without any interruption or interference. Two bright 3D modes provide our best-ever images, while the EH-TW9200W has a 3D depth adjuster and a 2D-to-3D mode that helps transform your 2D film collection. All it takes is the touch of a button to breathe new life into 2D films. SUPER RESOLUTION FOR EXTRA DETAIL The EH-TW9200W gives you FullHD detail from all content and prevents the image becoming blurry in the enlargement process or from low resolution sources. Whether it`s in 2D or 3D, the EH-TW9200W goes that extra mile to ensure you`re seeing every single detail of on-screen action. Epson`s own Super Resolution technology seeks out extra pixels to create sharp, clear images. FLICKER-FREE 2D AND 3D Ever noticed the flicker from many projectors and TVs when fast action scenes are shown on screen? Epson puts a stop to that with its own Frame Interpolation technology now available in 3D mode too, which intelligently inserts intermediate frames of video into the onscreen action to make films appear far more fluid and easier to watch. Lending a smoothness to Blu-ray discs that`s available in various strengths, the frame interpolation feature introduces a new silky feel to 3D that makes the extra depth perception easier on the eyes and more glorious than ever. No more blurring and images are sharper. EASY SET-UP The EH-TW9200W is easy to install thanks to its wide lens shift range and powerful zoom lens. You can acheive a short focal length from as close as 298cm for a 100-inch screen with a broad vertical shift range of 96 percent and 47 percent horizontally. Our widest-ever lens shift adds flexibility, so does its powerful 2.1 x optical zoom: the best zoom range in its segment. Manual vertical keystone correction is added, too, to get the image absolutely dead-on. SMART DESIGN Dressed in a slick all-white chassis, the smart and serious-looking EH-TW9200W is carefully styled for a home cinema. Measuring 465x140x395mm, it weighs 8.4kg and its inputs are at the rear, along with two HDMI inputs and jacks for component video and RS-232C controls, ensuring integration into almost any AV and computer system. The EH-TW9200W also has a front ventilation output to make it easy to install in tight areas where most projectors wouldn`t have enough room to breathe, avoiding over-heating problems.

  • Bright output: 2,400lm White and Colour Light Output
  • Very deep blacks: 600,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Wireless FullHD: Transmitter with 5 HDMI inputs
  • High quality images: 3LCD FullHD technology
  • Mobile content: MHL connectivity

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