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CCTV Information

CCTV Camera security systems in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas.  

Showrooms on the Tunbridge wells trading estate



  • Domestic CCTV Systems for homes.
  • Commercial CCTV Systems for shops, units and offices. 
  • Upgrade existing system using existing cabling (coax or data)
  • IP systems up to 4K 
  • View footage on PC, phone and tablet. 
  • Setup advanced motion events.
  • Free local surveys and quotes



Systems we currently offer are as follows:


Standalone IP Cameras



Our range of 5MP and 8MP (4K) cameras can be used as a standalone cameras recording onto a built in SD cards.  Cameras can be monitored on a phone, tablet or PC via the internet or local network.  These are great if you only want one camera.


Single 5MP camera with fitting from £340.


2MP Budget IP Cameras



We sell a complete kit of up to 8 IP cameras which consists of eyeball dome cameras and a recorder.  These 2MP systems are great value entry point system for those on a budget.  Note that the cameras are only compatible with the recorder and vice versa.  The app for viewing cameras is basic but effective. 


4 x 2MP cameras install from £599.



2MP & 5MP PoC Systems



These use the latest TVI PoC technology to run power and video over a single coaxial cable to distances of up to 200m.  The 5MP version are superb value and we have a range of cameras and recorders with up to 16 inputs. 


4 x 5MP PoC cameras installed from £799. 



AHD Cameras and Recorders




These more traditional analogue systems work using coaxial cable with a seperate power feed in resolutions up to 4MP.  Cameras supplied for existing analogue systems (subject to compatibility)




IP Camera Systems up to 8MP (4K)



5Mp and 8MP (4K) IP cameras systems use PoE technology to connect to a Network recorder via data network cabling. IP camera systems can incorporate large numbers of cameras and offer the highest in terms of image quality. IP cameras can be used in more complex content management systems and control systems. 


4 x 5MP IP cameras installed from £999


Wireless CCTV 


We are often asked about wireless CCTV cameras and systems.  Some are battery operated with the obvious issue of needing to replace batteries from time. Most are mains powered which means you still have to get a wire to the unit anyway !  Often users are trying to get CCTV coverage from one building to another which can be more reliably achieved with IP cameras and wireless network extenders.  We don't sell wireless camera systems as such as they are not reliable enough but can usually provide a solution. 


Download our current guide and price list below. 



We offer FREE local survey and detailed quotes. 

We give a 2 year parts and labour warranty with all our installations. 

We are based in Tunbridge Wells and cover the following areas:

  • Tonbridge
  • Sevenoaks
  • Crowborough
  • Kingshill
  • Edenbridge 
  • Uckfield
  • Heathfield 
  • Hailsham




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