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BiS TV is reinforcing its CAS !

In order to make sure that any subscriber can get access to the service he paid for, it is now compulsory to provide, along with the smart card number, the brand and model of the receiver or CAM being used . The activation or renewal will be confirmed only with the compatible equipments listed below:

- For those using Fransat licenced products, refer to the list of Fransat payTV compliant products below


If customer keeps using a Fransat product which is not payTV s compliant, the Bis card will result ivalidated automatically and for ever. To get service back, he will have to buy a new card, on which subscription will be transfered.

- For those using Viaccess secure CAMs, only the below listed ones are compatible :

- Viaccess secure CAM  NEOTION, ICECRYPT with PN 6320 (or 6310 updated)*


* The update is available on Hotbird, frequency 12692 H 

Be aware that time bom prepaid cards (white cards) are not available anymore. They will be replaced by prepaid cards which will have to be activated online.

Reminder : Only Viaccess Orca secure licenced receivers or conditional access modules are fully compatible with Bis TV cards. Make sure that your current equipment is ready for Bis

If you cannot open C8, W9, M6, Equidia, Game one, HD1, 6ter, RMC Découverte, Chérie 25, N23 & l’Equipe 21 while all other channels are viewable, then your equipment is not Viaccess secure compliant, as requested by Bis TV and needs to be adapted as follow:

If your receiver has a common interface slot available, you will just have to add the

In case your receiver does not have any conmmon interface slot, you need to replace it with one like the model available here : 



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