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TivuSat and Italian Satellite Channels

TivuSAT Explained  

TivuSat is the new Italian TV packaged and can be view in the UK by using a satellite dish pointing at the Hotbird Satellite at 13° East and a TivuSat satellite receiver and viewing card. All of the popular Italian national channels such as Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rete 4 and Canale 5 are available as well as a large selection of other popular Italian and International channels. TivuSat is a completely FREE Service with no monthly Fees or Subscriptions.

If you have an existing satellite digital compatible dish looking at the Hotbird satellite we are able to supply and activate a TivuSat receiver and viewing card for you to install yourself or we also offer an installation package with a dish receiver and installation. 

Why do I need a Codice Fiscale to Activate my viewing Card?

 A Codice Fiscale is an Italian Tax code and many Italian shops require this number before you can purchase items from Italy. The same applies to a TivuSat receiver and card in that we require a codice fiscale and an Italian address to have the viewing card activated. Most ex-Italian residents will have a codice fiscale but don’t worry if you do not have one as we can still activate a viewing card for you but will charge a little extra for this service. You can register your Codice Fiscale details HERE.

SD Receiver and Card Options

Standard Definition receiver and TivuSat viewing card only.

If you already have a dish pointing at the Hotbird Satellite with a universal and LNB and Codice Fiscale £199 or £249 if you are unable to provide Codice Fiscale details.                              

Standard Definition receiver and TivuSat card with 80cm dish package.

 A complete package including a TivuSat receiver and viewing card, 80cm satellite dish with wall bracket, universal LNB for self installation. 

TivuSat Viewing Card and CAM

Card and CAM for use with any satellite receiver that has a Conditional Access Module and can be used with both Satandard Definition or High Definition Receivers £199.

We Arrange for the TivuSat Viewing Card to be Activated before Depatch so the receiver and card will be working when you receive it.

TivuSat Channel List
Rai Uno Rai Due Rai Tres Rai 4 Rete 4
Canale 5 Italia 1 LA7 IRIS Rai Sat Cinema
Boing Rai Gulp Rai Sat YoYo K2 Rai Sport
Rai Storia Rai Scuola Rai Sat Extra Rai Sat Premium  Rai News 24
 Euronews  BBC News World  TV 2000  France 24  Bloomberg
 TVE  RT  TV5 Monde  WeWell Chanel  Red

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