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Q Acoustics QI65CB

Q Acoustics QI65CB 6.5` In Ceiling Background Speakers

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In property developments there is often a requirement to wire and install an unobtrusive in-ceiling speaker system at the lowest possible cost. These could be used for ‘background’ music distribution but often remain unused. In the event that a full entertainment system is being installed, the speakers can quickly and easily be replaced with higher performance models from the same range BACKGROUND IN-CEILING SPEAKERS GENERAL INFO: The Qi65CB speaker has been designed to offer exceptional value in terms of performance and cost, its efficiency is particularly high, in fact it requires less than half the amplifier power of the standard Qi65C to produce the same volume of sound. It is also incredibly shallow making it Q Install’s slimmest speaker with a maximum rear depth of just 73 mm. The full range driver has been carefully designed to give good bass extension a detailed mid-range for voice reproduction and an extended high frequency range without the need for a conventional crossover and tweeter arrangement.

  • Bezel and grille design that clips magnetically into place, with the grille geometry being carefully optimized to ensure the perfect balance between sound and discreet appearance
  • The HF is adjustable by + or - 3dB from a switch on the crossover
  • Circular and square grille options are available to ensure the perfect match for each customer’s decor
  • They are hardly visible in your home and take up virtually no space
  • Less than 84 mm deep
  • ‘UL94’ flame retardant materials
  • Moisture proof
  • Q Install speakers come carefully packaged with installation template and fitting instructions.

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