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Antiference ME200

Antiference ME200 Mini Magic Eye With `F` Type Fitting

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allows you to watch and control your Sky TV in extra rooms. The ME200 has a small remote sensor which is easier to hide on new LED flat screens

The Antiference ME200 Mini Eye will enable you to watch and change channels in extra rooms using a SKY remote handset.

  • Slim IR receiver
  • Compliments LCD/Plasma Flat Screen Televisions
  • Watch and change channels in extra rooms using SKY remote handset
  • Compatible with all IR pass amplifiers
  • Inconspicuous design
  • c/w Fitted Flylead


Colour: Black
Frequency: 45-790MHz
Return Path Frequency: 5-30MHz
Insertion Loss: < 1dB
Control Commands: 6MHz Carrier 38 KHz pulse
Power required: 9V DC15mA
Impedance: 75 ohms
Sensor Lead length: 900mm
Connectors: IEC60169-2(f) female coax socket
Connectors: IEC60169-2(m) male coax plug on 245mm fly lead

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